Keeping It Simple – How to deposit money with USAA

I am a fairly simple girl.  I love my family.  I love my God.  I love my country.  Dinner shouldn’t take me much longer then 30 minutes to make.  Homework tools should be kept in the same place every night.  Junk mail, old school papers, finished newspapers should go right into the recycler.  Rooms should be picked up and toys put back in their place each night.  Banking shouldn’t be complicated.

Banking.  Even taking the time to deposit money via the drive through is on the not so simple ways to do things list for me.   I can remember being fresh out of college, receiving sporadic checks and depositing them via USAA Deposit by Mail.  Sure, it took a couple days via the US Postal Service but it wasn’t complicated.  No stamps required just slip the USAA provided envelope in the mailbox in the morning, put the little red flag up, and a few days later – Wala! the money was in my checking account.  Innovation has taken us a long way since 1996!

About 15 years later, Hubs and I deposit the check or two we receive each week via USAA Mobile.  It is a simple app which I downloaded for my Droid. (It is available for the Windows Phone 7, iPhone and iPad, too.)  I take a couple of pictures of my signed check and then in a matter of seconds – Wala! it is in my checking account.  Simple.

By the way, not all USAA members are eligible for the Deposit@Mobile® (You can find their list of qualifiers at  They do have another option for depositing checks called USAA Easy Deposit if you need a same-day deposit:

“We’ve teamed up with The UPS Store to make it easier for you to deposit a check into your USAA checking or savings account. USAA Easy Deposit is already available at participating locations of The UPS Store in select cities and will be rolling out nationwide in the coming months.”

Kevin J. Bergner, Executive Vice President
& Chief Administrative Officer
speaking at the USAA Bloggers ConferenceWhile I was at the USAA Bloggers Conference in San Antonio the statement “Keep it Simple” resonated from speaker to speaker; from the marketing department to the innovations team.  We heard it from Executive Vice President at USAA, Maj Gen (RET) Kevin Bergner.  We heard it from the team working behind the scenes on great things like their mobile-apps.  Once again I was reminded why I put trust in companies that understand the military-family and the military lifestyle.

It is so nice to be able to get things checked off of my ‘to-do’ list. When the solutions are simple it gives me something to shout “HOORAY!” about.  Now it’s time to go pull the ground beef out of the freezer for dinner tonight.  Sloppy Joes are on the menu.  Dinner will be ready in no time flat.  My family will be fed a healthy dinner.  I will have peace of mind knowing that simple really does matter!

I would love to hear how /you/ keep it simple.  How could businesses that support the military family help you keep it simple?  (We, at, have a whole network of companies that are ready to listen!)

– Leanne from

I do want to mention that USAA did fly me out to San Antonio and took care of most of my travel. But I can assure you that *that little piece of it* had no undue influence on my satisfaction with their company and my 22+ years of membership. I am just glad to share their story with our readers.byUnknownonTuesday, September 20, 2011Military Life:,,,,

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