We Will Never Forget – 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11/01

Why I will never forget …

You can ask me where I was on Sept 11th, 2001 and I am instantly brought back to my apartment. (I worked from home); sitting at my desk; nursing a migraine headache. I can remember calling my husband; IMing my co-worker, Dan; learning that my dad, a colonel in the Air Force, was on high alert with a very long day (month … year…) ahead of him. Tears would stream down my face periodically throughout the day. For me life had changed.

But what about my children? They weren’t alive. Ask the generations that are in high school and younger and they really may not remember where they were. My own step-son (a senior in high school now) has vague memories from 9.11.01, he does remember watching TV in the library but the impact is not quite as profound. He remembers more the reactions of the adults around him, then the own emotions stirred within him.

“These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.”  President George W. Bush, addressing the nation on 9/11/2001

How do we instill this resolve in our own children? We tell them. We let them know where we were. What we were doing. How it made us feel. We remind them about the freedoms we have. Why we have them. Why they can be so very proud of their military mom or dad. Our children will be responsible to insure these freedoms, this sense of pride, this knowing that we are strong people, not to be reckoned with.
We must tell them.
Or it will be forgotten.

– Leanne from
YouTube video courtesy of USAA.  Want to hear a first hand account of how a USAA employee helped someone on 9/11.  Watch this heartfult video, “On 9/11, a USAA service representative fielded a call directly from New York City after the World Trade Center was hit. She helped a member reach her family to tell them she was safe.”, September 10, 2011Military Life:,

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