Hop On Off Bus


Here I am!  Yo buddy!  
Do you love seeing a new city, new sites?  Bring on the best views to entice fellow tourists to spread the money: easy transportation.  No parking, no subway stairs or questionable taxi rates, just pull out the ticket and hop on the bus!

Las Vegas, NV is a total tourist town.  The action is laid out on a long strip of land that, if you are wearing sensible shoes, you can walk and walk love the sunshine and keep on walking.  However, to get the quick and dirty look of the town… the Hop On Hop Off bus is perfect.  The double decker stops all along the strip.  People watching is phenomenal while sitting seeing the sites.

Big cities everywhere offer this means of transportation.  Tickets are easy to purchase right from the driver.  Most require a credit card purchase, with the ticket good for 24 hours.  Get off.. Get on, slide the card into the reader and take a seat. 

Catch a glimpse of the highlights the tourist books picture.  Then plan the day for areas of your personal interest.byDeborahonMonday, October 24, 2011Military Life:,

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