What is a Veteran?

A military veteran is:
  experienced in a trade
  trained and skilled in their job
  knowledgeable about being on time and on target
  salutes the flag with purpose
  wears or has worn a uniform
  has sworn and taken an oath
  has carried a weapon
  has polished boots
  understands what 'taps' means
  comprehends an order
  has awoken to reveille
  knows the chain of command
  has spoken the language of acronyms
  has longed for leave
  owns a set of dog tags
  has access to organizations like the VFW, American Legion, VA, MOAA, NCOA
  garners respect when speaking of service
  has protected the integrity of our constitution
  has pledged allegiance to our flag, and meant it!
Thank a veteran today.  They have done so much for each of us, and continue to do so!

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