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each year
We are a family of tradition.  Old ones from the days of my forefathers (this is what my mom tells me); ones created in my own childhood (the wife of an airman living thousands of miles from family my mom had creative juices flowing all the time); now traditions that I am creating for my own children.

Tomorrow, as is tradition each December 1st, our Elf comes to visit!  For a number of years he has been visiting and he moves around the house each night.  Who knows where he is going to pop-up next.  Each morning my boys get up excited to figure out where the Elf has moved.

Enter the beauty of Pinterest!  There are SO many creative moms out there.  My hat goes off to each of you that make life for your children fun, exciting, treasured.  They say the greatest form of flattery is imitation so as my little elf travels around the Kocsis Household this Christmas Season consider yourself flattered.

If you have never heard of "Elf on a Shelf" I wrote this up a few years ago when we first started this tradition:

I went to my local store and bought a $3 stuffed Santa as I could not really find an elf and I explained that Santa dropped him off last night.  Each night he is going to move around the house. Later in the day, I watched them reconsider their actions as I watched one's little hands reach for the other's neck... and I reminded them "Santa is watching!" They both looked at the elf, smiled and found something better to do with their time. It seems it gave it a *tangible*, new perspective. - "Elf on a Shelf" - A New Christmas Tradition
This year's elf may be a little more conniving though.  A little more crazy.  He lives life on the edge making snow-angels in sugar or perhaps flour, painting the boys' noses red, perhaps even wreaking havoc on some coloring books.  I'll be sure to record his travels and report back to you.  It is going to be an exciting Christmas Season. 

Here's to Traditions - Old and New!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

Shenanigans of Our Elf from years past:

RACK-O Anyone?!

One morning he brought some donuts
and had a few donuts his own size
(Cheerios with some chocolate frosting)

He joined us one year by flying into the glass
by the front door.  That had to hurt!

A nice 'bubble bath' in the bathroom

The Elf was in the underwear drawer!

Reading an Advent Book to some new friends

The Elf hanging out with our Soldier
Nutcracker and some plastic-soldiers

Enjoying some ice cream in the freezer

Peek-A-Boo --- I see you!

WAR!  Star Wars Figurines vs Soldiers

MMMM... A nice glass of cold milk


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