Getting pumped up for Volunteering and “Give the Gift of Good”

$500 Gift Card – Got Your Attention? Read more…Volunteer; it is good for you! Veterans Day was a special day for veterans and their families! The outpouring of support from businesses, friends and family was impressive. MilitaryAvenue was invited to a very special event in Atlanta by the Home Depot Foundation. The Quest 35 project was exhilarating and left participants with a few sore smile muscles (maybe a back or two as well).  The project is now a better living space for low income families and a future home for homeless veterans.

#GiveGood Bloggers in Atlanta at Quest 35
 The HD Foundation end their “Celebration of Service” veterans’ projects ended on Friday with an awesome 320 projects between 9/11/11 and 11/11/11. Wow, their goal had been 200 and the enthusiasm I saw at three of them just made me proud to be an American. But their efforts do not end here; no, they continue their outreach for homeless veterans and are on track to spend their $30 Million in 3 years on veteran projects. Did you catch the number? $30 Million.

So when they invited us to participate with 8 other bloggers from the military and DIY (due it yourself) communities, we jumped on telling their story in Atlanta and then they surprised us with a gift for you!  As part of “Give the Gift of Good”, MilitaryAvenue received a $500 gift card to give to a military family for Christmas and other needs! But there is more … much more… Can you guess how much they want to give you for a home improvement project?

Maybe not; but lets just say, it is a wonderful gift to a military family in need of repairs or new updates! $$$$$ Still interested? Do you receive our MilitaryAvenue family newsletter?  The newsletter will be published tomorrow with details of “Give the Gift of Good”!

“Give the Gift of Good” BoxNot receiving our newsletter but want to hear the awesome news in the morning?  Do you know someone that so needs a housing renovation?  Sign up for the MilitaryAvenue newsletter to get the details of the contest tomorrow!  Be sure to nominate them and we can be a help! The winner at MilitaryAvenue wins at least the $500 gift card! Plus … find out tomorrow on the newsletter!byColonel KonMonday, November 14, 2011Military Life:,,,,,,

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