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A few years ago hubs was in Iraq and I was the temporary-single mother of three boys.  I am now a sometimes-single mom of four boys and life has forever changed since Iraq for our family.  There was a recent amicable discussion amongst friends about the needs of grants and scholarships and such when the soldier is off in a war zone.  A lot of times the pay is a bit higher because of the danger they are in … so is there really a need for great organizations like Our Military Kids, or free YMCA memberships, or other financial support

My answer?  A resounding YES!  Life was busy.  But American citizens wanted to support my family.  Groups like Our Military Kids recognized that active kids are happy kids (Deployment Troubles of a Five Year Old).  I wanted to be a part of that.  I was more than thankful for the support we were given and ultimately it helped me be a better mom, a better spouse to a soldier (less stress at home helped him focus on his job overseas), and really it made me feel better about myself (knowing that I was capable of raising happy, balanced children reflected on my own self-esteem)!

So what is this all about?  November 9th is Give to the Max Day.  ‘Our Military Kids’ is part of it.  Support them.  Support the kids.  Support military-families!  Learn more about Give to the Max Day:

Thank you, from one very proud military-spouse raising another generation of great military-kids!

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