THE HOME DEPOT’S "GIVE THE GIFT OF GOOD" Contest - A $20,000 Makeover of a Military Family's Home

A Fantastic Gift Box from Home Depot

"Fantastic Military Support!" The Home Depot is pleased to announce a contest through MilitaryAvenue to find a deserving military family home for a $20,000 Home Makeover.

 MilitaryAvenue is one of nine bloggers selected by the Home Depot Foundation to give a $500 gift card to a deserving military family plus an opportunity to win a $20,000 Home Makeover in the


WHO: Do we have your attention? Home Depot wants us to select a military family with home upgrade needs. Whether Active Duty, National Guard or Reserves, or a Disabled Veteran let us know how Home Depot could make your house more of a home.

HOW: So how do you get started? Please tell us about yourself and your needs. Comment on this blog with you name, service branch and how this gift would make your house a home. Please include two or three pictures to support the family’s need (two must include the military entrant). You can add the pictures by just clicking on DISQUS at the comment section of the blog or email the pictures to photos@militaryavenue.com!

We are looking for a contest winner from MilitaryAvenue! MilitaryAvenue will select one winner who will receive a $500 Home Depot gift card. We will then send them to Home Depot as our nomination for the $20,000 in renovations. There will be nine families chosen for the final nomination, one from MilitaryAvenue and also eight other blogs, each with their own nomination.

Want to know what you can use the renovation money for?

* New HVAC (heating and cooling) system
* Accessible bathing, like a new walk-in tub/shower system or Modification of existing tub/shower system to make accessible
* Roofing repair or replacement
* Blown-in Insulation
* Replacement Windows
* Fencing
* Gutters
* or a new Water Heater

By the way, you can nominate an eligible military family with their permission as well. Just comment with their information instead.

WHEN: We need your entry to MilitaryAvenue no later than this Saturday, the 19th of November at noon EST. Remember, all you have to do is comment on this blog, post two or three pictures of the military entrant (family if so desired, is welcome as well). We will choose our winner and forward to Home Depot to be entered in the contest by November 21st so we can not accept late entries! We will comply with their official rules.

Bloggers & Home Depot volunteers at work on Veterans Day
WHERE: In the USA! Military town, Guard or Reserve hometown, disabled veteran home or anywhere you find military families located.

Be sure to follow MilitaryAvenue's Facebook page for contest updates!  We will be announcing the winner and asking for your help to push them to the top of the nominees!  Here is MilitaryAvenue Twitter as well! Watch for the hash mark #GiveGood!

For Official Contest Rules from Home Depot go to: http://www.militaryavenue.com/Home_Depot_Gift_of_Good_Rules


  1. Military Family Entering Contest :) Soon to be fam of 3: myself, Active Duty Army Husband, and Baby on way. Also have 2 pets(dog & cat) and some fish.

  2. Jolynn - Thanks for entering! Be sure to let us know how you would use the Home Improvement money and share some pictures. You can also send pictures to photos@militaryavenue.com if you wish.

  3. Hi. I am active duty Army currently serving on recruiting duty with a family of six and a dog. We recently purchased a home and realized that the kitchen needs some updates and expansion. We enjoy cooking and family gatherings and our kitchen currently is too small for the six of us. I will email pictures :) thank you

  4. Hi my name is rocio. I am a disable veteran. My husband is on the army reserves. We live in a manufacture home and have two kids. Our home needs some updates specially the kids rooms and the kitchen. Due to my disabilities and income  we haven't been able to fix it. I will email pictures :) thank you.

  5. USArmy Reserve - husband. I lost my job 8 months ago and some house projects have been put on hold. Two boys and another on the way and a big dog. We need a shed, the house has no garage or shed and our yard has area of "storage piles" that we would love to put into a shed. We have an area in the back corner that is perfectly suited for this shed. See photos.

  6. Disabled Veteran entering contest! My Vietnam Vet Army husband, Donnie has received the silver star, bronze star, PUC, along with two purple hearts as well as other medals. In June 2010 he tripped over our Labrador and became a quadriplegic. (yes we still have the dog!)

    We are need of renovation of our bathroom to serve his showering needs going into the future. We have a fancy shower chair but no where to use it. Our home is a mobile with an addition. He can go nowhere else in the house except the addition due to the doorways being too small.

    He doesn't qualify for much of anything due to his injury not being service connected. Please enter him in this contest. Thank you so much!

  7. My husband, Donnie is a Army Vietnam Veteran. He has received the silver star, bronze star, 2 purple hearts and other medals as well as his Blackhorse Regiment receiving the PUC after 40 years. In June 2010 he tripped over our Labrador and became permanently paralyzed from the shoulders down. (Yes we still have the dog)
    He doesn't qualify for much help as this injury is not service connected. We live in a mobile home with an addition. He can only be in the addition section of the house, as the door ways are too small for his wheelchair. He is also in need of shower facilities. Our insurance did get him a fancy shower chair but he has no where to use it. We would use the home improvement winnings to modify our home so he could enjoy our home more than he can at the present time.
    Please enter Donnie Colwell in this contest. Thank you so much!

  8. Sorry about the double post! :(

  9. Hi y'all! What a neat contest! I'd love to submit my family for consideration. I'm a former Army combat medic myself. My husband continues to serve in the United States Army here in Texas. Our daughters are 11 and 6. Our boys are 3 and 2. We purchased our home and unfortunately it required thousands of dollars of foundation repair and then an entirely new pricy air condition system! This needed work absorbed any savings we had for home repair, but most regrettably it tore up our back patio area! We are an active family and love spending time together outdoors. If selected we would use home improvement money to repair our patio and update our dated kitchen so that we could spend more time together as a family playing outside and sharing meals together. I will email pictures. Thanks so very much for your time. And a HUGE thank you to all the veterans and family members reading!! My family and I live in the land of the free, because of the brave! :-)

  10. This isn't for myself, but I know of a wounded warrior family in Deland, FL that is in desperate need of home repairs. Their names are Debbie and Steve Pyle. I got introduced to Debbie via a mutual friend because Debbie and her family needed help. They have 8 children, 7 girls and one boy. Steve is a Purple Heart recipient suffering from brain injury and PTSD. I've only "met" Debbie by phone and Facebook, as I live in south, FL and am in my last year of law school, so it's hard to get away. I've done what I can to help them financially both personally and through the VFW, but I am also my husband's caregiver and one of my children is special needs. I know the Pyles were having problems with plumbing and other issues in their home and they could really use the help! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of their home. I know both of them were having health problems too! I can put you into contact with them. I would like to nominate the Pyles for this award! Thank you!!

  11. This is my second post because I didnt explain exactly why I will like win The Contest. I and an OIF vetereran with TBI tramautic brain Injury and PTSD. Just purchase a manufacture home. The home was a short sale. My husband is a veteran and still work for the army reserves. We have two kids and 4 labs. We don't have money to fix our kitchen and The out side. Thank you

  12. Do we have your attention? Home Depot wants us to select a military family with home upgrade needs. Whether Active Duty, National Guard or Reserves, or a Disabled Veteran let us know how Home Depot could make your house more of a home. my site

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