Mission Continues: Veterans Regain Community

The Mission Continues therefore there are veterans who are breathing, conversing, working, regaining courage and are part of a stronger community. What is required? Effort, drive, desire and a dream: the ability to answer what can I do to help others?

Fellow Amanda Heidenreiter & Meredith Knopp, VP of Programs
Amanda, a Fellow with Mission Continues, stated a common ‘heart hurting’ grievance: the knowledge that ‘my guys’ were still in combat while she had been medevac’ed home. She no longer had the bond of her unit and she was out of the mission.  What she did have was depression, a sense of deep loss and separation.   Then, she found her dream.

To be part of a community requires involvement, trust, a common language, a shared goal. Those who have completed their fellowship at Mission Continues have grabbed a dream, contacted an organization, worked for 28 weeks in a position within their chosen nonprofit. Even though they left the battlefield, taken with them disastrous disabilities, visible or not, a Fellow has reached beyond them self and has entered a new community.

Life ripped away the goal of all too many service men and women. Those in combat walk carefully, hold each other close as family, safeguard their unit, their mission, and their personal space. An RPG will rip through more than steel, mortar, muscle and sinew. An IED will take out more than transportation, calm or limbs. That ammunition mangles continuity and mind. It does not destroy the character of the service person, but buries it beneath anguish, pain and a sense of loss.

Our country stands and says thank you for your service and it is meaningful and heartfelt. Mission Continues asks, “What can we do to help? What is your dream? Everyone has a dream!”

Col K and Greg Favre Chief of Staff of Mission ContinuesTwo hundred Fellows have found their dream, have worked tremendously hard to stand tall out of the depression that overwhelmed them. These Fellows stand tall together, cheer with each other gather strength… just as one does in a community of veterans. Mission Continues Fellows have a proud history, faithful friends with a positive impact.

Amanda saw her turning point while in the hallway at Bethesda.  A Burmese mountain dog ambled through a crowd and came to rest beside her.  The touch of a pet, the giving heart of the animal who places trust in a wounded warrior opened a dream for Amanda.  She searched and located  This nonprofit was the perfect fit to complete Amanda’s  Mission Continues Fellowship. 

Make your veterans Day Dream more of a reality. Reflect, research and communicate with others who share your history. Veterans, be responsive and proud! We are so proud of you and again, thank you for your service.

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