Pioneer Club Time to Volunteer in Community

Tonight I was off.

Usually I have the night mapped out in my mind, and I click through events as if they were rehearsed. But tonight. When we got ready to start our club meeting, the folks in charge of the whole Pioneer Club program announced that there was going to be a special event right in the beginning.   The game I planned wouldn't work...
Staying balanced for so many reasons!
Well, I was off kilter all night.

Couldn't figure out what time it was...ugh.

But it reminded me that the kids do not come to hear me, or come to listen to what I say... but come because they want to be there, be with each other, and enjoy being in church... so, tonight, the lesson was for me. I learned. I'll be off kilter the next time it happens too probably, but that's OK... I'm not the reason for the night!

Life's lessons, they just keep coming and for that I am so grateful.

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