Popsicle Sled Simple Christmas Tree Ornament Idea

Popsicle Sleds: simple fun for a young one to put together.  Ideas for children to use to create a memory that mark each year on the tree are great to catalog.  This sheet of paper was tucked in an ornament bin, ready to share or use with some tree trimming youngsters!

Kids and Christmas… they just go together!

Because the sheet is old, I typed the words for easier viewing.  However the design for the popsicle sticks are easy to replicate.

Materials needed: Six inches of gold or silver thread like cord, seven popsicle sticks, paint, paint brush and glue.
Cut sticks as outlined on right.

#1 is placed on the top, and will have name on it.
#2 and #3 are shorter and go on top also.
#4 is on top, and needs holes for the cord.  It will have the year painted on it.
#5 (need two of these) goes on the bottom.
#6 and #7 are the runners on the bottom.

Glue pieces #1, #2, #3 to #5’s.  Attach to the runners (#6 and #7).  Let dry.   Turn over and Glue #4 in place.  Paint and add cord in holes with knots to back.  Personalize by painting the person’s name down the center of piece #1.  These make nice tree ornaments or package trimmers.

Have fun with these!  You will see them for years to come.

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