A Contrast Between Men

A Contrast between Men
Both professors, trained, educated
Professors at same school of law
One serves his country
The other rebukes those who support the troops
One shows honor by resigning when he disagrees with position of law school
One hides behind freedom of speech while he dishonors with false claims those that protect him
Professor Robert Roughsedge, Major US Army Reserve
in Kabul Afghanistan – Serves and Protects
Professor Michael Avery, Suffolk University Law School
Via email “I think it is shameful that it is perceived as legitimate to solicit in an academic institution for support for men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings.”

Where is the loud sound of bells shouting down this hater among professors? Mr. University President this is not enough! We now know where you stand Mr. Brown, Acting President and University Provost, by your failure to respond. You should have condemned this hateful response during an effort to provide care packages at Christmas/Holidays for the troops.

Where is the President of the United States and others in leadership positions who should condemn this professor’s hateful remarks?

Where is the national outrage that would lead to a boycott of this college?

Major Roughsedge submitted his letter of resignation to Suffolk University Law School calling the email in a telephone interview with a local TV station “hate speech.”

“It’s basically like a 5-year-old throwing a temper tantrum,” he told the station. “That is not how we teach our students to rationally look at the issues…. We want rational adult discourse and that is not something I would tolerate in my class and it is not something the school should tolerate from one of its professors.”

As a veteran of the Vietnam War era, I can not stand by and watch this type of hate towards our troops boil to the top again! Do not be quiet. Send a note to your congressperson (this school receives federal tax dollars), send a note to the President of the University condemning this professor’s hateful words and finally encourage any current student to withdraw from Avery’s classes or discourage attendance at this university completely until they provide an appropriate response.

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