Drink More … Feel Better

It was a rough start to our Christmas Break.  The night before the final day of school and my first-grader was thinking of a school field trip in the morning and a class-party in the afternoon.  What a fun day it was going to be.  He had a rough cough for the past week but I just knew it would go away.  Eventually.  As we were settling into our bedtime routine that Thursday night *C* lost it.  Vomit, vomit, vomit.  Gross, gross gross.  He spiked a fever and I knew he was down for the count.

That cough stayed with him for another week.  Cough medicine didn’t touch it and I was desperately trying to get him a doctor’s appointment.  Our usually very accommodating doctors’ office seemed to have started vacation early and I was told to visit urgent care or an ER if I felt it warranted immediate attention.  I just didn’t think it was that bad.  (If for an instant I felt otherwise we would have gone!)

Enter the power of water.  My boys all have their own water bottle; ones that matches mom’s bright pink one but in different colors.  We made it a contest.  First person to finish their water bottle was the winner.  No reward except to know that they finished their water.  Now, I’m not a fan of competition (just not in my nature) but this was something I could get behind.  After only two days, drinking our 24ozs each day, the cough was gone.  The spunk was back. 

Now a few weeks later *E* has slowly picked up the cough and we continue to drink.  We will conquer this bug with water as our sword and an attitude of health as our shield.

I raise my water-bottle and toast to a happy and healthy New Year in 2012.

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