The Gift of Good Contest Winners! The Dilleys and Ortegas and More!

The Home Depot folks have announced the winners of the Gift of Good contest! The Dilley family of Salt Lake City were the grand prize winners with a $20,000 home makeover! Here is the video of the Dilley’s as they were surprised at their local Home Depot!

But wait we have more to announce!   While speaking with the Home Depot public relations folks who worked the contest, they said they were “so touched by all the military family stories”.  As a result, they have decided to give all the contestants a gift of $5,000 for home improvements on top of the $500 gift card they received when nominated. So Adam Ortega’s family of Ft Drum, whom MilitaryAvenue nominated (see “This Army Family deserves the “Give the Gift of Good”) will receive a huge home improvement to make life easier for Adam who has a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. 

The Ortegas of Ft Drum
A field service team will be contacting Adam and Monica this week to determine where they can best be helped. The team will then coordinate the efforts of the Aprons in Action and others to make it happen! An easier access bathroom is at the top of the list!

When I spoke with Nicole and Kelly at Home Depot they were so appreciative of the efforts of military families with the challenges they face. Expect future efforts like this one from the Home Depot! Another great reason to keep up with MilitaryAvenue on Facebook and Twitter!  Who knows when or where the next military community support effort will come from? Maybe you know someone in need or even your soldier, airman, marine, sailor or coastie needs some help?  Stay tuned!

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