A Newborn Niece and Spring Mud Puddles

Today a niece was born, not just any niece but my niece.  Sure she is a sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin.  But to me she is a niece and I am her aunt.  She does however live far enough away that I can't just "pop over" to meet her.  Far enough away that it's a road-trip to hold her tiny little fingers, marvel at her tiny little toes and most importantly kiss her chubby little cheeks (and tell her all about the troubles her dad caused during my childhood).

As a mother of all boys (and oh how I love them and I don't regret the hand I have been dealt for ONE SECOND!) my nieces are extra special.  They remind me of tea parties, pink lipstick, baby dolls and flowered bike baskets.

Today in honor of you my newest niece I bought the most feminine pair of boots I ever did see!

They represent the spring garden, muddy soccer games, puddles in the front yard that echo laughter and joy.  Dearest *L*, I hope that some day you can put on your favorite pair of rain boots, your pinkest rain jacket and your cutest smile.  Then we can go splash in mud puddles together.

I can't wait to meet you sweet, sweet niece!  Soon, very soon.

- Your Aunt Leanne


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