Stress and the Holidays

Stress and the Holidays.  Somehow they go hand in hand.  Overspending, too much food, lots of travel, work- and family-life balance; it is all a recipe for disaster.

My own family of six knows first hand about all of these stresses.  The 18 year old wants a laptop for Christmas (and other various $$$ gadgets), the 9 & 6 year old have had way too many cookies and are pinging off the wall, and the one-year old doesn’t like the car seat for more then 4 hour stretches at a time (making for a not so quiet trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s last weekend).  And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again … When speaking of Holiday stresses I can say “I get it!” 

The DoD Community recognizes this and wants to be sure our military-families are taken care of.  We at MilitaryAvenue want to equip you, empower you and let you enjoy the time with your family you so richly deserve.  We know you will enjoy this newsletter and will come away with some tangible way to work through what can be a very tough time of year.

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