This Christmas Tree is not a Holiday Tree

This is a Christmas Tree, it is an evergreen, has family ornaments and a few strings of lights that are painstakingly placed. 

This weekend the governor of at least one state (Rhode Island) announced that the tree in their capitol rotunda was a “Holiday Tree” in the name of political correctness, plain and simple.  I do not know many other religions that celebrate the holiday season with this type of tree. Yes, I realize it really may not be a symbol of Christianity (just like Santa Claus is not) except for the star on top and many of the ornaments that are placed with Christian symbols. 

However, Mr Governor, the major religious groups that are not specifically Christian, celebrate with other symbols, not the big tree in your Rotunda.  So you can rename it, if you want, but to me it is a Christmas Tree and I believe I can say that without offending most if not all of our citizens! 

Please let us know how you feel and if a citizen of Rhode Island or any other location with a Christmas tree that has been renamed please let your elected officials know what you think as well!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!byColonel KonMonday, December 05, 2011Military Life:,

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