Pinterest and the Military Family

Hours … I have lost hours to Pinterest.  But maybe lost isn’t the right word because Yes! I have successfully re-created some of the great ideas I have found.  Dinner has become more exciting, I’ve discovered the many uses of vinegar, and it has helped me on my quest to keep “2012 the year of Organization.”

I also created some resources that you, the military family, might find useful.  There is a sea of information out there and this is a great way to keep it organized.  Find what you like, pin it to your own board and you’ll have it when you need it (or have time to read it!)

Military – Loving the Life
Army Wife – Air Force Brat – and Director of Research and Development at  Yep, the military-family is pretty important to me.

Military Life – The PCS
Been there – done that – and here are some things I’ve learned…
Saving Money here, there, and everywhere
My husband is the saver, I’m the spender. Somehow we are learning to meet in
the middle.In the mean time here are some resources to keep me on the straight
and narrow.
Military Life – Deployment
Deployment survivor and time will tell when we do it again.
Oh and there is so much more: All Things Blog, Recipes, Around the House.  It goes on and on.  (Oh dear, I’m feeling myself being sucked back in.)

Come on over and follow these military-life boards and watch the pins grow and the wealth of resources expand.  I’ll be sure to follow you back as I know you will also find some great resources that I can use!

– Leanne from

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