Sarcoma Smarts

Some people know how to put exactly the right words down in writing so that your mind is able to take the jangle out of thoughts, desires, whim and fog.

I walk in those feelings often. Dale was diagnosed with a rare cancer which is under the umbrella of Sarcoma. This sounded like some troll out of our long forgotten heritage: a member of our family hidden on our family tree that we didn’t know existed from an odd country. Sarcoma has come to visit and taken up residency in our thoughts and plans and tries to flick it’s ugliness into our faces a bit too often. Sarcoma scares occur: an odd bump, an increasing constant pain, a questionable MRI. The scare is alive and ‘unwell’ and living with us.

Therefore it is time to clean house. Get rid of the welcome mat for this sarcoma ‘fellow’.

We are working on our daily walk.   Dale continues going forward with physical therapy for a joint that froze due to the constant elevation of his leg following cancer surgery. All part of the healing process, part of the newness of being a cancer survivor: scars.

Dale found the Internet to be of such great help. Being armed with knowledge he could read how others progressed. And here lies the inspiration for this account:

Common sense cannot be over rated, or over used. Thank you Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative for you work.

Just do Something!”

These stirring words mean so much. The website lists 15 ‘no brainer’ ways to extend your arms, and heart without intruding. Two of my favorites are finding humor (Hooray for laughter and encouragement. Laughter and silliness can provide a sense of balance for someone who spends a lot of time in the serious “cancer world.” ) and the second, give a notebook to record this journey. Both actions are so very positive avenues to take.

Go ahead, visit the ideas on the site and tell us what else you can think should be added to the list.byDeborahonWednesday, January 18, 2012Military Life:,

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