Snowmen Hanging In There

Tuesday has to be the best day, my favorite day; it is Esther and Jacob day.  For a few hours I have them in the center of my attention.  Their voices, bursting energy, spontaneous laughter and curiosity are with me.  This is a recipe for a successful day: mirth.
Tissue falling everywhere!

We cook, create with playdough, design with pastels and paper and we chatter.  Songs that I love to sing fill the car on the way down to the house only to be interupted by counting buses, both school and rapid transport.  Seseme Street's Count vonCount would be oh so proud of my charges.

Snipping corners for the perfect look.
Each week we create some 'homework'. Work that they take home.  Oft times this is a plate of cookies, cupcakes, scones or some tasty delight.  This week the morning was filled with 'snow' and knock knock jokes.  Tissue paper snow and 'Knock, Knock.  Who's there? Tissue.  Tissue who?  Tissue!  I don't even know you.  It really wasn't too funny the first time... but they were keeled over with laughter at their own humor.  This is a lesson I have learned: laugh, even if no one else gets it.  Laugh and laugh and laugh with others.  It just feels good being united with mirth.

January brought us snow, took it away, brought it back and now... it is hanging in there by a patch or two. 

Proud of his work.

Hang in there snowmen!
There are two fantastic snowmen hanging in Michigan.  Eyes are on winter, safe guarding the joy of putting it all together.  There is also glue on my chairs, table and counter... paper under the rug in the wash and glued to the floor.  And there are songs still playing in my head, and a joke that still makes me smile.  Tuesday's snowmen are hanging in there and looking good!

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  1. Love those snowmen AND those cute kids! What a fantastic idea... I might have to find some tissue paper that I saved from Christmas wrapping to do the same around here.

  2. Leanne, that is exactly what I used. SO easy to cut up and so easy to vacumn up too! Have to think of the beginning and the end of the plan!


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