A few Social Media 'Patches' for our Military Families

In keeping with the military-tradition of patches MilitaryAvenue created some for our family members that you can wear on your favorite social media sleeves (like on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).  Just click on your patch to save, like, pin or tweet, (such fun verbs!).

Proud Wife of a US Navy Sailor

Proud Wife of a US Marine

Proud Wife of a US Coast Guardsman

Proud Army Wife

Proud Wife of a US Airman

And this is only the beginning. We have Veteran, Husband, Brother, Sister, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mom, Dad, Grandson, Granddaughter and a whole lot more! Visit our MilitaryAvenue pinboard to find the patch (or patches) that best fit you.

If you do grab one leave a comment to let us know what you did with it.  I would love to see!

Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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