Roots and Wings

We have an interesting phenomena going on in my house. We have an 18-month old and an 18 year old (and two other brothers in between).  My husband and I often laugh with each other over the fact that we are the “young parents” with *J* (at sporting events, parent-teacher conferences etc etc) and we are going to be the “old wiser-parents” with *L*.

There are times when I just want my 18-month old to grow up.  I want him to

  • communicate (although this can be hard even for an 18 year old);
  • tell me his favorite things;
  • share his deepest wishes;
  • form an opinion that doesn’t involve whining;
  • meet friends;
  • pump his feet on a swing;
  • hit a baseball;
  • swim from one side of the pool to the other;
  • play out of under mom’s feet while I desperately try to make dinner, help the middle boys with homework and wonder when oh when is hubs going to be home.

*Then I remember *J* and how quickly time flies.  It helps squelch my desire for his baby-brother to grow up too fast.  I am reminded that there is no age that is better then another.  Neither do I want time to stand still nor do I want years to rush by like a jet-plane.  Life moves extraordinarily fast and, yes, this time, this moment, this age is extraordinary!  I will hold on to this feeling as I look forward to the moments, the days, the lifetimes they have in front of them all.

And the beautiful thing?  We have raised our boys (and continue to raise all four) in such a way that I can not wait for them to fly soar out of the nest.  Because I KNOW they will succeed.  I KNOW they will find the best in this life.  I KNOW they are individuals who love the Lord, will make smart decisions (and when they don’t they will learn from it), will call their momma once in awhile and tell her they love her, will make contributions to this world around them that matter.

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other is wings.”
*J* is off to college this fall. We have put our money down. He has accepted
a spot at the University of Cincinnati and I am so very excited for what the
future holds for him and all his brothers.

 – Leanne from

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