Cutting Military Benefits – How Far Can We Go to Protect Them

Being part of the military community is like being a piece of meat in a sandwich!  The President is Commander in Chief and proposes the defense budget but Congress must approve it.  In the meantime the military community is caught in the middle of these “discussions”.

We can be part of this political discourse but are extremely limited by law while on active duty.  How far can a military family member or retiree go during discussions about military “stuff”.  Budgets, strategies, deployments, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), etc come to mind.  We try to be as politically neutral as possible with MilitaryAvenue’s articles, blogs, tweets and pins.  But this one Pin just brought a hot item to the forefront and we “pinned” it on Pintrest.  It has become one of our most popular Pins but I found it a bit controversial as it takes on the President’s Budget (See Budget Proposal’s Tough Cuts ‘Absolutely Necessary,’ Obama Says) while dividing Americans.

Source: via Dale on Pinterest

Did you see this as offensive?  Is it accurate?  Does it reflect your feelings?  Obviously, it struck some folks,  as it is being shared around the Facebook and Pintrest social media.  What is the best way to address challenges to the military budget that affect our lives?  The Department of Defense is cutting billions but it appears that military health funding is the biggest target and fees for active duty and retirees are going to skyrocket.  I read and hear words from the Secretary of Defense and his media representatives that downplay these changes (See “A Time for All Seasons – DoD Blogger Roundtable”)  but I have to wonder?  If they are not significant, why make the changes at all? 

Military associations such as MOAA and NCOA are asking for all of us to contact congressional representatives about these changes to the defense budget.  Americans will be facing an election this fall that will have an impact on the direction of our country!  Do you intend to participate or sit on the sidelines?   Have you written your representative?  Did they respond?  Was it a form letter that left you wondering if they knew how to spell military?

Congress has made it easier to vote and the Defense Department has worked issues over the years about military absentee ballots.  Let us know how you feel about this post but more importantly take the time to vote this year!  Want to get started?  Click here for how: Your Voting Opportunities Just Got Easier! DoD Blogger Roundtable.

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