Dedicated Dads and Moms and the Month of the Military Child

April is Month of the Military Child and it is a very appropriate recognition: therefore, a big shout out and thank you to these patriots! They have certainly served our nation in their many sacrifices and the challenges they face as children of active duty, reserve and guard parents. So just before that month of recognition I thought maybe we should recognize another group of folks that are rarely mentioned in the media or at the Department of Defense. In fact, unless there is a tragedy it is a like a silent majority type of group.

The parents of our soldiers, airmen, marines, coasties and sailors have raised children that are willing and able to serve! They are the ones who pray for, think about and fear for the very lives of their children who are serving this great nation while at war. Most citizens do not understand or know the fear of a deployment to a combat zone or just every day military operations.

It was a long time ago when my dad let me off at the recruiting station in Indianapolis to start a journey that resulted in a life of service to my country. I never heard a word of complaint from my family even when we frequently missed seeing them during family gatherings. They were concerned about my safety, held me up in their prayers and let us know when we did make it back to the old stomping grounds that we were appreciated and missed. So say thank you to the parents/family of our service members the next time you have the opportunity and remember that April is Month of the Military Child.

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