Tips, Tricks, and Photos from Pinterest

A few of my favorite tips, tricks and photos for the week:

Images of our US Military and Families:

Pets are family, too

April - Month of the Military Child:

There are SO many words that can describe a Military-Child. Resilient is the word that pops in to my head, first and foremost. Other great descriptions: Loyal - Adaptable - Strong - Supportive - Compassionate - Empowered

Military Family Financial Readiness:

Amazing budgeting worksheet from wholeliving.com. I especially like the 'Save to Spend' section which encourages saving for 'fun money', 'household projects' & retirement

Healthy Living:

Nature’s Best Stress Soothers: Chill out by adding these four foods to your daily diet. Any excuse to eat chocolate is a good excuse to me.

Preparing for your next PCS:

Peak Moving Season Tips

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- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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