A Military Spouse Who Cares about the Finances of Military Families – Why She Recommends the FINRA Internship

“God wanted me to help people”

MilitaryAvenue’s team frequently gets to meet, talk to and get to know some wonderful military members, family members and supporters. This morning we met a passionate military spouse who has served members of the Air Force, Army and Coast Guard during her military travels and career! Mitchia (Shay) D. Tull-Cook talked to me this morning about her experiences after she was accepted into the FINRA financial internship program for military spouses!

Shay was truly passionate about the need to support the troops with financial assistance. She said that young folks across the board during wartime needed help. Maintaining financial communication during long deployments is tough and maintaining the household and finances for a young military spouse can be challenging. FINRA trained financial counselors can help these patriots during these tough times. If you have a passion to assist others, Shay said this is a great way to get involved!

Application Period Open from March 1st to March 31st

Shay described herself as desiring to help others since childhood and that she felt particularly fulfilled while working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with the staff and wounded warriors. Shay’s husband, Nate served in the Air Force and their frequent PCS’s could have made spouse employment difficult.  But the FINRA training allowed Shay to find a niche each time she moved. She said that “God wanted me to help people” and despite her desire to find a different career track she was led back to finances and helping others each time.

Shay and family enjoying some time off!Now at Coast Guard headquarters, she is in the “Office of Work-Life where, as the Family Support Services Specialist, she manages the Financial Management, School Liaison, Deployment Readiness, Scholarship and Adoption Reimbursement Program for the entire Coast Guard.” A lot of responsibility and of course it all began with a passion for the troops and some training!

How would you like to get involved? Passionate for the troops? Interested in helping others? Interested in education? Include those in your application! Whose is FINRA? The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is their full name and we talked to Gerri Walsh, the President FINRA Investor Education Foundation in January.  She provided some great information about their Military Resource Section and!  After gathering information find their application online and get going! Here is their press release with more information and a link to the application! Today is the day.

Shay demonstrated her heart for the military community during our interview. If you would like to read more about her career and how she has helped and is helping the military community here is link to her bio/profile. Thank so much for taking the time to talk to us this morning Shay and blessings for your caring attitude!

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