Three Veterans in the Same Room

US Marines DoD PhotoOur country has a problem with military service.  Less than 1% of our population is physically and mentally capable of serving in the armed forces!    An interesting statistic but it does not hit home to most Americans. Then we find after serving so many can not find employment. Finding those who have successfully transitioned is always a great story.

Last night during a medical test at the University of Michigan Cancer Center, it was surprising to find three veterans in the same room and two of them were employed there as technicians! One an Army retiree, served 26 years; the second, a former Marine (well always a Marine right?) who served 4 years and myself (an Air Force retiree) in the same room together. 

It had been a very long day starting with an MRI at 1200, doctor appointment at 1400 and then a second MRI at 1830. So when we started talking during the preparation at 1800 I knew I was in good hands. We shared a bond of service despite different ranks and time frames of service! Each had chosen a career track, all had used the GI Bill to improve their lives and all were successful in their endeavors. Of the two in the medical career field, one had learned his skill after being introduced to new equipment at a Navy installation and the second had a medical career in the Army. In this time of veteran unemployment challenges it was great to see two members who had successfully transitioned to civilian life! A former USAF HH-60G Pave Hawk pilot (as was I during part of my career) was flying for the University of Michigan Survival Flight helicopters on the roof above us. We were in the basement floor of the hospital so it was kind of nice to know we had the top covered as well!

US Air Force UH-1N that Col K flew on 1st assignmentWith the baby boomer generation rapidly aging and needing medical care and with medical career fields needing to expand to cover this influx of patients, this career field has to be a great place for those who serve to find new ways to serve others. We have found and written about corporations such as Sears and Home Depot that want to hire veterans but it appears that medical institutions are hiring veterans as well!

If you know how to enter this career field or have knowledge of positions or jobs available tell others about them.  Let’s spread the word to help other veterans out! Remember we are/were all on the same team.  If we wait for the government to help solve this problem it could be a long time but we can do it one veteran job at a time.  Call a friend today or post an opportunity on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest or other social media! It might take a minute but certainly the job seeker will appreciate your time.

Col K

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