Craft Stick Fun

A simple art project.  Simple smiles.  Simply fun!

As my boys are getting older projects at school have grown more and more complex.  In the process I have picked up a few art-project supplies kept tucked away for a rainy day.  Popsicle sticks were needed for a diorama of Iceland.  Pipe cleaners were needed for a science experiment involving borax.  Markers are kept out of reach of a toddler.  Glue, scissors and paper all quickly rounded up.  All this is the the perfect making for a morning of fun.

My friend, *L*, 4 years old, checked out a book from the library last week, “Craft Stick Mania”.   Today we set ourselves up at the kitchen counter and had a craft fest.  We opened the book and found something to make.  We read the directions together.  We got our supplies together.  Then we got to making Popsicle stick people, step by step!

Yarn and glue for hair; pipe cleaners for arms; colored stock-paper for cutout clothes or markers for drawn on clothes, plus eyes smiles and a line down the middle to divide the legs ending at the drawn on shoes.

What a fun opportunity to learn, play, be imaginative!  Have you written any blogs on fun kids craft activities?  Share them with me!  I’d love to see, do and share.

– Leanne from

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