Fighting Cancer Before It Starts

It was a routine medical appointment, with routine questions.  My blood work looked good, my blood pressure was great.  My weight… I had gained a few pounds over the winter but for me it’s the typical winter gain that I’ll lose with summer activity.  I was a healthy 38 year old.

This was a new doctor for me.  She started asking family history and cancer was mentioned time and time again.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States but fortunately, many common types of cancer are treatable if detected early.

My mom & my son right after she started chemo.
This is one of those very emotional moments I hold
very close to my heart.  Get screened for cancer for the
generations after you!My dad is a cancer survivor.  My mom is a breast-cancer survivor.  My paternal grandmother lost her battle to breast-cancer over 40 years ago.  My maternal grandmother lost her battle to cancer about 10 years ago.
My mom’s cancer was quick.  A routine mammogram caught it when it was a tiny lump.  Not something you could even feel with a monthly self-checkup.  By the time she went in to have it removed, a very short time later, it had moved into her lymph nodes.  There was radiation and chemo to follow the lumpectomy.  It was a hard year!

At my checkup this was the first doctor to say you need to get a mammogram.  It is early, but I have the history.  “TRICARE covers cancer screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and others. Since cancer screenings are preventive care, there is no cost to you for the service, although you may have to pay office visit cost shares if you visit your doctor.” – The Doctor Is In – Get Screened and Stand Up to Cancer

I will call to make that appointment today.  How about you?  Is it time to make a preventative screening appointment?  It may feel a bit unnecessary now (after all you don’t feel sick, right?) but in the long run it could save your life.

What is your cancer story?
– Leanne from

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