Month of the Military Child and a Get Together

The Month of the Military Child provides a great focus on a special group of Americans!  One unique way to enjoy military kids: Good friends traveling across many miles to see each other.  Military brats will always find a way to get together. 

MilitaryAvenue’s Dan had very special guests:  friends from high school and on into adult hood. Both guys were young when they met at Keflavik Naval Air Station, Iceland and when follow on PCS assignments for their parents brought them together again in Virginia, the friendship bonded. Now, both have wonderful children of their own which we held, hugged, laughed about and told stories before we digressed into military experiences.

The guest, Matt had attended a service academy and then went into a career track that frequently put him into harm’s way. His spouse, also a family friend, had met him at the academy and went into a career track that made it hard for the two of them to be together, so Jana had joined the reserves after a lengthy active duty stint. They had a beautiful military child and you could see the pride in their eyes.  They had traveled to Michigan to be part of a remembrance program for a fallen hero and took the opportunity to visit Dan’s family and eat, talk and share.  

It was a great conversation, we talked seriously and we laughed. Commented about military kids, common experiences and yes, military jargon flew like crazy. We do not live near a military installation and have become a bit civilianized so it was great to talk “military”. Afghanistan was a topic, career paths crossed, caring for the families of the military community, child care, health of retired military parents and more … .

It was great to hear about the Matt’s career and his success too. Soon to be a commander (is it possible that he is old enough for that?), he had seen combat and would soon assume responsibility for a squadron that has had members killed in action, wounded and some have been honored with the nation’s most prestigious awards. He served with the likes of TSgt Robert “Gut” Guiterrez and Captain Barry Crawford and excelled.

We are so proud of our military kids! They accomplish so much every day and provide a different world view than civilian kids. They do grow up and become doctors, nurses, civilian leaders, lawyers, teachers, company CEOs and many more occupations. Many also serve, like their parents, as defenders of our freedoms. Month of the Military Child is certainly on the top of our list for recognition and a big thank you to all who serve and have military children. You are very special!

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