Perfectly Sweet Healthy Birthday Snack

A very Happy Birthday to my middle-son today!  7 years old and I feel like he should be turning 3 or 4.  How does time pass so quickly?

Every child loves to bring in a sweet treat to school to celebrate their special day.  Before Spring Break I sent in a note to his teacher asking if I could send in cupcakes, a sweet-tooth favorite for the birthday boy.  The note that came home was a bit disappointing.  “We would love a birthday treat, but please send in something healthy.”  Humph…  My thought, ‘Come on! It is a Birthday!’  But I polled Facebook friends for a healthy, yummy treat that would satisfy my Birthday Boy’s Sweet Tooth.  I’m all about eating, being, living healthy, admittedly, so I thought, “We’ll make this work.”

Fruit Kabobs, were the perfect solution!  I bought a fresh pineapple, three cartons of strawberries and a bunch of grapes.  I found some Easter marshmallows on sale that were perfectly spring-y.  *C* loved the idea.  Last night we cut, ordered and pierced.  C was all smiles at this idea!  And as an afterthought I realized this was much better then cupcakes.  Something different and fun.  I know the class will love them as they partake in a special treat for a special boy!

Fruit Kabobs

Happy Birthday, Dear *C*! I sure do love you.
– Leanne from

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