Pride in the Military Child

What has been your proudest moment as the parent of a military child?

We will draw a random winner from a military-family that comments with their proud moment.  The winner will receive a $60 Character Basket from Nickelodeon Suites!

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  1. My son was only 10 months old when his daddy came home from his deployment. I cried when I saw my son's face; he greeted his father with open arms and a cheesy shy grin. That moment I realized a child will never forget their parents; especially the parents who sacrifice their lives for them and their country. I'll never forget that moment, that moment I was more than proud of my military child.


  2. Proudest moment.....seeing my girls explore daddy's new job on the aircraft carrier. And them finally seeing a small piece of what he does and why he is always away from us. That something else is very important day to day, but he always comes home to us as a family.
    Allison (allison.hendersmith@gmail.com)

  3. The proudest moment for me was when she was helping her little brother walk and she is only a year older than him. (emailed contact info)

  4. My proudest moment as a parent of a military child is my children light up when we go see daddy at work. My husband is a nurse at the post hospital and they love seeing him in uniform (scrubs). My son even made Christmas decorations for his dad to take to work with him to decorate the nurses station.
    Dana N (toadandtoadette@gmail.com)

  5. when my ARMY brat chose to be one of the FEWER, the PROUDER.

    My FEMALE MARINE is now serving her country in AFGHANISTAN.

    very PROUD FEMALE MARINE mother

  6. My proudest moment is very hard to define by just one thing. I have 3 boys ages 18, 16, and 12. Their father has only been in the Army for 4 years so the military life is all new to them. My boys jump in any chance they get to help others. They watch spouses children so they can have time with their soldiers, they volunteer for the housing teen volunteer team and bring a little more comfort to those here on post, they help soldiers and spouses pack and move. They never complain and they are always helpful.

  7. My proudest moment as a mommy of a military child was when he came home from Pre K and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. It melted my heart and I couldn't wait to have him recite it for his daddy who was deployed at the time, he put the call on speaker so everyone in the office would hear :)

  8. I'm not sure I could pick a proudest moment because I'm ALWAYS proud but I truly realized how amazing & strong my (at the time) 11 year old son was when his father was away at Recruiters school and I had difficulties in my pregnancy. While I was essentially on bed rest to avoid early labor he cooked,cleaned, and did everything he could do to help me get the rest I needed. All of this without being asked and simply because he knew, with our Soldier being gone, I needed him. Our daughter was born about 3 weeks early & just 2 days after my husband returned. I know, without a doubt, without my little boys help, she would have arrived sooner & her dad would have missed her birth. There were no words to thank him enough.

  9. There are many proud moments because my two children endure both parents serving. I will forever remember while I was deployed the photo my husband sent of my children asleep with their "mommy dolls" in wrapped tightly in their arms...the mommy doll was a photo image of me transfered onto fabric and made into a stuffed doll. They slept with it every night that I was gone and still do after being home for over a year.

  10. Our 4 year old son who just had started preschool and was finally feeling like he belongs to a place, was told that we had to move again. So I asked him, Are you ok with leaving your school and going to a new place? and he replied, yes mommy, as long as we are together with daddy I am ok. I couldn't thank the Lord enough for blessing us with such a wonderful boy. Military kids go through a lot since they are very young but I also believe that all those experiences only makes them that much stronger. We love our little boy :) Pamela.kameko@gmail.com

  11. I am always proud of how resilant our 2 daughters are with all the changes that a military life brings. Their daddy is deployed right now and about a week into the deployment I asked our oldest who is 9 ( this is her 6th deployment ) how she was doing since daddy was gone and she says ' mom I am good I have done this lots of times and this is ONLY a 6M tour." That puts the whole experience into perspective. They have to be so strong and they learn to appriciate the little things phone calls,e-mails,letters and long hugs. They also are very proud to tell people what their daddy does not only is he in the USAF but he is a cop so he double protects ; )

  12. My proudest moment when my Military Child told me he wanted to join the Marines like his Grandmother and the most proud moment is everytime he comes back home to his Mom. 3 x's now and hopefully will not be deployed anymore. I am praying for WORLD PEACE and not the basketball player. Peace inside of ourselves and our MILITARY families that they not remember all the horrific and terrifying moments they had to experience. Peace they we all learn to live together and not condemn or seek revenge.

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