Support Military Kids! Wear Purple Friday, April 13th

I am blessed to be the Mom of four extraordinary military-brats.

J is a senior in high school this year and ready to take on the world.  The college has been chosen, the degree has been picked.  He is ready to go. go. go!

E, 9 years old embodies adaptability. Books, video games, kickball, legos, friends, quiet-time; if it is available he wants to do it.

C, celebrating his 7th birthday next week, loves riding his bike around our neighborhood whenever he gets the chance.  He likes to feel the wind on his face.  Give him activity and he is a happy boy.

L is 20 months and full of SPUNK!  He is already trying to keep up with his older brothers and thinks he is 20 months going on 18.  To say life is wild and crazy around here is an understatement.

I am proud to call these military kids my own!

Tomorrow, April 13th, military-families & supporters will be wearing purple in honor and support of our Military Children.  We would love to spotlight your children as well.  Dress them up in their favorite purple shirt, don some purple war paint, wear a purple hat.  Whatever it takes.  Take a picture and send it to Leanne@MilitaryAvenue.com.  We'll showcase your photos on Facebook and PinterestLet's show America that these Brats are children to celebrate!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com
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  1. Great photo, Leanne! I recognize the shirt on your youngest. Thanks you for sharing! Could we post this on our Ohio OMK Facebook page?
    Theresa Ferrari ferrari.8@osu.edu

  2. Fun! Yesterday I went shopping while wearing my most purplest sweater ever.... and saw others in purple. Just had to ask if they were wearing it for Military Kids Day. None had heard of it, but were glad that they were on target! Nice way to open conversations and share military pride!


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