Where Do You Find Your Release?

Healthy Living
Stress Fighting
Blood Pressure Lowering
Calorie Burning
Mood Lifting
Sweat Inducing
Heart beat Raising
Smile Creating
Laughter Making

Hewitt Independent Shaklee Distributor, a MilitaryAvenue Partner, wants to keep your family healthy, too.  Tell us how you keep your military-kids smiling when it is easy to feel down?  How do you raise your own spirits when things just aren't going your way? How do you get your familys mind off of the negative and back to the positive?  We will draw a random winner on Friday, April 27th from all the comments.  The winner will receive a free container of Bavarian Cocoa Meal Shake courtesy of Susan Hewitt.  You must leave an email address in your comment for us to contact you at if you are the winner.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. I always do yoga. I have anxiety very bad so I get worked up really fast. I usually just have to step back take a deep breath, and just look at the situation as a whole. If it is something I can't fix right than, I have to remind myself there is nothing I can do. When I do get that worked up though, I grab my mat if I am home and just do some simple poses and breathing techniques, and I feel better.

  2. badfleming@hotmail.comApril 22, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    I go for a run or a walk! Gives me time to think, or just to listen to music and know I am burning some calories.

  3. Dirty hands in the garden are somehow soothing to the soul! I watch for my plants to grow... and I whip out the weeds. Therapy.

  4. We make up Funny stories! Each person in our family takes a turn. It really helps reduce stress and give us some time away from the everyday stresses of life!

    1. Sorry forgot to leave my e-mail it is tracerscouponaffair@yahoo.com
      Thank you!

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