You know you are a military-brat when...

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Our question of the week:
"You know you are a military-brat when ..."

Look at the military children around you, your own children, maybe even yourself (even at 38 years old I still am a Military-brat through and through).  What makes them (or you) uniquely part of the military-community?

I'll go first:  I know I am a military brat because I am constantly moving the furniture around.  It is as if because we aren't PCSing or moving I have to change my surroundings.  It drives hubs /crazy/!   Sometimes (when I'm not feeling as strong, I suppose) it is not so much the furniture as to where I keep things in the kitchen-cabinets.  He'll go looking for a can of tuna and find all the spices.  Or he'll open up a drawer to grab a spoon and find the pot holders.  I sometimes wonder if I'm in need of an intervention of some sort... but I digress.

Now for my own children, also Military Brats: I know they are military-brats because of their pride in the Red, White and Blue.  When the National Anthem is playing no one has to tell them to be quiet.  No one has to tell them to stop fidgeting.  They stand.  They are respectful.  They take off their ball cap.  They know that those colors are worth fighting for and have said good bye to their dad a few times so that he can go 'do his Army job'.

Now it is your turn, leave a comment with your answer. We will compile the best of the answers and post a blog next week with some witty, true and endearing ways Military Brats are the heart of America.

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- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. You know you are a military brat when... your kids refer to the American Flag as a Daddy Flag.

  2. You know that you're a military brat when people ask you where you are from, and you respond with your last duty station or with the question, "Oh, you mean where I was born?"


  3. I asked my 10 year old and she said " You know you are a military Brat when you see mommys army wife friends more than your dad. Also another one would be " half your clothes are military related lol
    (tracerscouponaffair@ yahoo dot com)

  4. you know your a military brat when you have seen the california coastline at night from the cockpit of a c-9. And this is becuse you have just space-a flew from Guam!!

  5. You know you're a military brat when home is where the (insert branch) dropped your stuff, you get the itch to move every couple of years, and you make friends where every you end up!

  6. You know you're a military brat when you think your computer IS Daddy (or Mommy, Grandma, Uncle, etc...) and, when you're older, you have friends from one end of the United States to the other and are looking forward to the many more you'll gain in the future. kjoe747@gmail.com

  7. You know you're a military brat when ever member in your family was born in a different state :) (for us it's currently Wyoming, Texas, North Carolina, and Massachusetts!) Thanks for the giveaway! Email is in my blogger profile and on my blog!

  8. You know you're a military brat when....from experience as a kid (my father was in military) you have saved a box for every deployment of things to help you and your kids with each TDY. Still helps today with my husband who serves as well. ashleymdin@gmail.com

  9. You know you're a military brat when someone asks you what school you went to as a child and you can name at least 7 different schools and countries associated with the school....i.e. Germany (Hahn Elementary) or March AFB (Arnold Heights).

  10. You know you are a military brat when you use almost as many acronyms as your military parent.

  11. You know you are a military brat when you have been able to live in another country and experience a different culture all before the age of 5. Then refer back to that time living in Germany like it is normal.

  12. You know your a military brat when they get the "moving itch" every couple years... Also when your little one calls everyone he sees in camp "Daddy"

  13. When you realize that your family isn't just who lives in your house but who is in your parents platoon/squad.

  14. When you call everyone in a uniform a daddy good guy! And how proud you are of th that your clothes have more red white and blue than your civilian buddies! You have a flat daddy and a daddy doll and take it everywhere you go! Ajcdkitchel@cox.net

  15. You know which kids are military kids, whenever the National Anthem is played you can easily spot them, they're the first to take their hats off their heads, put their hands over their hearts, stand up straight, & like mine, they usually have a single tear in their eyes.

  16. You know you're a mil brat when you're 14 and had no idea door knobs were round or that you could plug something in without a transformer! :) (burtchers at gmail)

  17. when you get the itch to move every 18 months...

  18. You know you're a military brat when you do a double-take when seeing ANY service member in uniform, hoping that its Daddy doing a surprise visit home from deployment...


  19. You know you are a Military Brat when you tear up everytime you hear the National Anthem. Those words ring true to you. I think of my husband and what he did for the children and i to ensure our freedom. The kids say that they are playing that for their daddy.

  20. I know my boys are millitary brats cuz We came with dad to south carolina for a 7 week school and ended up staying in motel 6 and every week they ask mom can we move rooms!
    M3D!N@ F@M!LY

  21. You know you're a military brat when you still refer to yourself as being in a military family, even though Dad's been retired since '76 (after 24 years of service). Once a proud military brat, always a proud military brat!

  22. I know you've probably already drawn, but... you know you're a military brat when you have grown up and realize that virtually any U.S. military base you drive through makes you feel more at home than any of the city streets you currently live in.

    1. That is so true! It has been more than 15 years since I was my dad's dependent and I still love driving on a military base. (As a National Guard spouse we don't live near any base so it is quite a novelty for me to even pull out my ID.)

  23. I was a dependant until dad retired when I was 16, now 16 years ago. I was a senior in college and sitting in my counselor's office getting help with a scholarship for dependants. She tried to send me away with the paperwork when it came to the point that it asked for dads social security number...I will never forget the look of amazement when I talked it off like it was my own, and still can...helps that I knew his long before I memorized my own..

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