Father’s Day Care Package Ideas

Sending a letter to Dad

Kids say the darndest things! It is the truth. I got some wonderfully done papers for Mother’s Day from my first grader. My favorite line on one was, “What my mom likes best about being a mother is _____.” His response was “Being the boss”. Who knew being bossy was so much fun, right?! 🙂 I would amend his answer to include giving hugs, kisses, sharing smiles and tickles, ‘Rise and Shine’  and ‘Goodnight Moon’ and every hour in between … but I’m sure he just ran out of space 😉

Now it is time to move from Mother’s Day and on to Father’s Day, especially if the Dad in your life is deployed.  I found some wonderful Father’s Day letter ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you.  (Click on any image to get to a larger version.)


I also created my own military-daddy related paper for you to use.  Simply click on the image below, right click, and finally save it to your computer to print out.  Help your children fill it out, and then put it in the mail.

Answers to these kind of surveys bring a laugh, a smile and maybe even a tear of joy. Take  time to help your child send a letter to their Dad. No one will regret the time you put into this.  It will be a Father’s Day Keepsake stored in your hearts for quite some time.

Lots of more great Care Package Ideas for Father’s Day or any day on our Pinterest page: Care Package Ideas.

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