Have you Heard about Blue Star Museums?

Blue Star Museums Kicks Off on Memorial Day!

What does that mean to you, a member of the military community? If you are an active duty, National Guard or Reserve member or family member, you have access to more than 1,600 museums this summer for free! Right, we agree, what a great program. This is the third year for this program and it started with 900 museums and is growing each year as the Arts open their doors wide open to the military community.

FREE entertainment for your family on a crazy summer schedule! Maybe you just PCS’d into a new area and need something for the family to do.  Hot outside, humidity is causing a major sweat and you need some place cool!  Remember, art museums have to be environmentally controlled to protect the art! Find your new location right on their map for the closest museum.

Mr. Rocco Landesman, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, explained to the DoD Blogger Roundtable that they wanted to say thank you to service members and that engaging the younger audience will increase participation in art programs in the future. Landesman said that the program has been received enthusiastically by both museums and the military families. Over 300,000 military members and families participated last year. Their website at Blue Star Museums includes a video from earlier participants. It also includes specific criteria such as number of family members that can enter for free (up to five) and other FAQs. The site has a very handy map so you can locate the museum closest to you that is participating.

All of the participating museums are doing this at their cost and please say thank you! Mr. Landesman was extremely supportive of the military community and “very proud of this program.” It is wonderful for the arts community and beneficial to the military community.  We really enjoyed the art museums we visited while traveling the world as a military family and everyone seems to have gained an appreciation for a poster, piece of art or memory from these visits.

The military family team at continues to find ways to support our military community and hope you can find time to visit one of these museums this summer!  Find other Military Discounts and Resources on our Facebook page:  Military Discounts Facebook.

Look for this logo for free admission this summer!A big thank you to the Defense Media Activity for the preview to this media announcement!  If you are interested in listening to an audio recording of this interview please go to DoDLive!

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