I’m a Winner! Thanks to UbiRock

Isn’t it fun when you are notified that “You are a winner!”?  I have to admit it doesn’t happen often.  The first time I ever won something it was a windbreaker from a pet store – eons ago.  The next thing I remember winning was a baby carrier (backpack style) from Babies R Us soon after my now 9 year old was born.  We still have that backpack and it has been used for my other sons as well as my nieces and nephews.  It is like the gift that keeps on giving!

Just last week I got that ‘You are a winner’ announcement once again.  Three days later in the mail came my UbiRock.  It is a very cool little speaker to plug into my laptop, Droid phone or my iPad.  Interesting technology; when you hold the speaker in the air the sound is terrible and that is the beauty of this thing.  When you put the speaker down on a hard surface it sounds great!  (Not like Bose quality but a whole lot better then Droid phone quality.)  The UbiRock sends the music through the surface it rests on and different surfaces give different sound qualities.  I have found the sound is great on my kitchen island when I need a little dinner-cooking mood music or great with a glass of wine, a good book and on the table next to my favorite recliner.

It is small (about the size of my mouse), portable (would make for a great care-package item to a deployed loved one), and charges via USB (so no batteries).

Thanks to Army Wife Network for letting me know about UbiRock’s contest a few weeks ago.  Head over and like UbiRock, maybe they’ll have another giveaway soon.

– Leanne from

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