Speaking to the Civilian Community about our Airmen plus…

As a prelude to Memorial Day the local Rotary Club invited a representative from each service to speak at their weekly meetings through the end of the month. The Air Force led off yesterday and I did point out that we are generally the first in during wartime as well. That created some very friendly service rivalry comments and laughs but it was a great opportunity to talk to the civilian community about the men and women serving our country.

We discussed the Air Force Heroes recently awarded Air Force Crosses, Military Spouse Appreciation Day (this Friday), the Budget Control Act (most had never heard of it but when I explained the implications for DoD you could see their eyes opening), the response to the Haiti earthquake and of course, the many missions of the Air Force. It was a chance to brag about the airmen we are so proud and their families as well. The audience included several WW II veterans and when I mentioned my dad and father in law were also veterans of their era they laughed when I mentioned my dads’ ages. A discussion then occurred about how “young” they were.  A lively crew for sure and one had served as an aircrew member flying 23 missions in the Italian theatre.

F-35 USAF PhotoIt was a special time for me! Just last week I had the opportunity to speak to two classes of students at Grand Rapids High School about government service. They were polite, asked great questions and just like the Rotary, it provided a window into the military lifestyle and service to county. Michigan has limited contact with veterans or current military issues and it was an opportunity for me to dig into my memories, due some research and build a power point – Now that was fun.

If you find the opportunity to tell civilian friends, your community or schools about our military services, take it! It is a golden opportunity to recognize those who have served, are serving and you might even help a young person decide to look at serving their country!

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