Stretch Out in New Found Comfort

Stretching out in style.

I had to have it: online bargain that not only pinched pennies, but my toes too… sigh!  So, not the best of purchases, yet…

Such a good deal, and oh so cute… Who could pass up a pair of shoes that would go with so many outfits? Oh be still my dancing feet.

OUCH. They arrived as cute as ever! Shiny brass buckle, snappy color red inset. Loved them.

And then I slid my foot in ……….. whoa. This was not Cinderella standing in front of the prince.
What to do?  There was no way could I let them sit in the box. So… enter ingenuity!

Air Force sandstone coasters are good for so many reasons! I pushed and shoved them into the toe area… rather like Cinderella’s ugly step sisters.

The shoes and coasters sat on the shelf for a week. Sunday morning my foot slid in and oh yes! It worked.

Stretch out in style and comfort. Give it a try if you have a pair of leather shoes that not only do not have wiggle room… but cramped quarters!

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