Summer Camp

I had NO IDEA it would be this hard to let go.

This past Sunday Hubs and I dropped *E*, 9 years old, off at his first week-long, without his Mom, Summer Camp.  EGADS!  (That's me biting at my nails, my belly doing flip-flops everytime I think about what he might be doing at that very moment.)

Youth Sports are Important for Parents too!

"As parents, we often think of youth sports as organized events. I think the more important ones, may be the unorganized variety."

Summer time is here and it is, as usual, crazy busy! Throw in a PCS or deployment for you and it is just gets worse. Finding time for all the unit events, saying good bye a million times (or at least a few) to good friends or acquaintances, making friends at your new location, finding time for a vacation, finding a new spouse job – yep, the head starts to spin a bit! But what about the smaller people version? They go through a lot as military brats and sometimes we forget how much they need fun activity like sports to grow.

Produce from the Garden - Wordless Wednesday


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The Marines Invaded Cleveland

and the people loved them.

The people of Cleveland were in for a treat this past week. It was Marine Week! 800 Marines came to town to give the people of northeast Ohio a small taste of "OORAH!"

My boys climbed inside an amphibious assault vehicle.  They tried on a helmet.  They felt the weight of a vest.  They climbed up onto the gunner's turret and sat in the driver's seat as well.  They were amazed that this "tank" could go on land and in water.

50 Shades of Selfishness

Have you ever sat through a sermon at church and thought, "Holy Cow is the pastor spying on me?  Taking note of where I am lacking? Making sermons that speak to only me?" 

There was a word running through my head all week: "Selfishness".  It was the first full week of Summer Break and every time I turned around there were kids' toys... on the counter, on the table, on the floor, on the couch, on the deck, in the grass.  You name it.  There were toys.

Daddy is the Highest Rank of All

A very Happy Father's Day to all our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, coasties, and the dad's holding down the homefront.

The Team

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Who Ate My Muffin?

Yesterday started out as 'one of those days'.  I got up before the crack of dawn 8am but my boys were already up and moving.  So I get up, get moving and am bombarded with requests... "Mom I need breakfast, Mom I can't find socks, Mom my brother hit me, MOM!!!!!" 

All before I have wiped the sleep from my eyes.
All before I have time to say "Good Morning, joys of my life."

Most importantly, all before I have had a sip of coffee.

Posthumous Silver Star to be presented to the family of U-2 Pilot, Captain Gary Francis Powers on Friday

“Best Father’s Day Present Ever”

Capt Gary Powers - See Below for photo credits
What does a Silver Star presentation have to do with Father’s Day? To the Power’s family, Friday is a correction to history, a heritage that can be reflected on with pride and a celebration of a father who was a Cold War hero. Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz will present a posthumous decoration to the U-2 pilot who was shot down over the Soviet Union on May 1, 1960. On Wednesday, we spoke with Gary Powers, Jr about the upcoming ceremony and how it had impacted his family during a DoDLive Blogger Roundtable.

Are You Part of Your Local Community?

"As we took our first break, one of the other workers, asked us what we had done to earn community service hours?"

Volunteers at work
Becoming part of the outside the gate community is often very difficult for military members and their families. We PCS often, have different interests, go to unit functions and with young families, it just seems like we are too busy to really connect. But there are so many good reasons to find a connection in your local community.

Here are few of the reasons we continue to be a part of the community after living the military lifestyle for many years:

Tasty Tuesday: Steak Marinade

There is something extra delicious about a steak fresh off of the grill.   If that steak has been marinated for a couple of hours in a favorite dressing, mouths begin to water with the sounds of the steak sizzling on the grill.

Mustard Beef Marinade

Let Them Be Little

... because they grow so very fast

This past Friday my oldest son graduated from high school.

How can this be?

Tasty Tuesday: Healthy & Yummy Chicken Nuggets

There is something about chicken nuggets that make my children's mouth water, whether the frozen variety cooked in the toaster oven or the kind fresh out of the deep-fat fryer at our favorite fast food restaurant.

Are they on the list of healthy-meals at the Kocsis household though? Not so much.

However, earlier this week I made a delicious breaded and baked chicken nugget that knocked my boys' socks right off!  I know it is a good meal when there are no leftovers, when they ask for more and I have to say "Sorry, they are all gone.", when I think 'We are definitely doing these again'!

Screen Time and Summer Time - Finding Balance

I am not an educator by degree but I am a mom by nature and I love to watch my boys flourish!  But as a mom I grow concerned watching how much my 9 year old (in particular) /LOVES/ electronics.  He could easily sit on my iPad, his DS, our computer for hours at a time playing games.  I want him outside playing, splashing, running, laughing, kicking, riding, smiling, living.  Making memories!

Those Summer Utility Bills

It is almost summer and we have had the weather to prove it!  Operation keep the house cool has been in full effect!  You see, we are not big air condition users.  I love fresh air.  Windows open, the sound of children playing, the joy in the noise of summer.  But with summer can come a higher utility bill.  This is the reason my husband does not like the Air Conditioner.  It is expensive.  So in an effort to live comfortably and keep the budget in the green I have two quick tried and true tips.

National Cancer Survivors Day®

Do you know a cancer survivor? Even in the very young military community there may be someone next door or down the street that has been touched by one variant or another of this disease. At one assignment I remember Jeannie; young vibrant, a teacher, sports enthusiast struck by adult leukemia. She walked into the office one day to tell her husband, a fellow pilot, that she had a headache. Days later we heard the results and were struck quickly by this serious disease. Jeannie was a fighter but this disease ended her life way too early.
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