National Cancer Survivors Day®

Do you know a cancer survivor? Even in the very young military community there may be someone next door or down the street that has been touched by one variant or another of this disease. At one assignment I remember Jeannie; young vibrant, a teacher, sports enthusiast struck by adult leukemia. She walked into the office one day to tell her husband, a fellow pilot, that she had a headache. Days later we heard the results and were struck quickly by this serious disease. Jeannie was a fighter but this disease ended her life way too early.

Two Cancer SurviorsBreast cancer has struck those around me repeatedly and many family and friends have walked, run or biked in support of new and continued research for this disease. The out pouring of support has changed in the last decades from a hush to a shout. Prayers and support for those in need has become the standard as we have learned about cancer and how the support around us makes a difference for the survivor.

This Sunday, June 3d is National Cancer Survivors Day® so give a hug, a phone call, a word of cheer and help those who continue this battle! 

PS:  MilAve_Deborah and MilAve_Col_K are both cancer survivors and are blessed daily with NED (No Evidence of Disease).  Read more about breast cancer and sarcoma in their blogs.  

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