The Sad Truth about the Recent Effort to Raise Tricare Fees

"In fact, the medical budget saved $500M in 2011 and $708M in 2012 from what was budgeted!"

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We are a military family blog team! We care about the team – the military team! Yes, we write about their family needs, job search ideas, issues for veterans and post numerous articles about the military lifestyle and its unique challenges on Today I write as a member of that team with a bit of anger toward the military leadership that we normally so appreciate (I did let this sit for a while so I did not use any inappropriate language, etc).

The Department of Defense recently paraded a number of military leaders through Congress explaining why they needed to raise Tricare fees for the community. Large new fees for Tricare Standard, increased fees for pharmacy needs and Tricare Prime were at the top of their list to solve the military medical crisis that they claimed was exploding! The DoD speakers included civilian budgeters, general officers and senior enlisted members. All testified under oath, which, we as a military community recognize, as our word, our ethos, simply put: our way of life!    Please continue reading "The Sad Truth about the Recent Effort to Raise Tricare Fees"

Support in time of Need

Monday, my baby boy, 23 months old, had a lump on his hiney the size of a golf ball.  The pediatrician felt it was too deep for her to lance in the office so we were scheduled for the surgeon the next day.  A quick in and out procedure that I knew would bring him much relief.

In the mean time he was crabby.  Beyond crabby.  In and out of sleep.  Clingy.  Pained.  It broke my heart.

Continue Reading to learn more about my Support in time of Need

Military Spouse Employment - Exciting Times! DoD Blogger Roundtable

Startling statistics: 26% Unemployment and a 46% Wage Gap for Military Spouses!*

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Serving with pride is how most feel about their time in the military. The members with families have some great benefits but definitely challenges are at the forefront. One of the biggest challenges is spouse employment! This was one of the most frustrating parts of military life for our family. Transferring a license from state to state, finding the right contacts to open a door, being told that a federal union member had priority during overseas assignments, repetitive short (2 years or less) assignments and little lead time for job searching the next location were all definitely part of the journey.

These same challenges for military spouse employment continue but resources and assistance are becoming available. Enter the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) and the US Chamber of Commerce program, "Hiring Our Heroes".     Continue on to find your way to a job and share with your military friends that are in the job market! 


Ah vacation ... what is meant to be a great time to get away can be so very stressful. Especially those hours leading up to a trip.   Packing the van for a family trip is my personal hell.  Setting the expectation that my husband will help me when I want him to help me always leaves me... disappointed, frustrated, misunderstood.

To say my husband works hard is an understatement.  That I get.  Let's put it this way, vacation is scheduled to start today (like at 0800) and he is at work.  There was nothing he could do about that fact.  I have accepted that because flexibility is the name of the game.  I had hoped last night after dinner we could get the car packed so that we could hit the road as soon as he was done today.  But when he plopped down at the home office to work at 7pm I felt somewhat betrayed.

The Blackberry Patch and Col K

Our crop is going to be cut by 90% and this “farmer” is a bit sad watching them shrivel.

2011 Blackberry Patch
They are in the blood and sometimes they draw our blood through their thorns! Growing up outside of Gary, Indiana, we lived in farm country. It was a completely different world than our city cousins or the Air Force life I would eventually join.

Ten acres of strawberries, black raspberries, vegetables and woods with a small pond kept us out of the house and busy in the spring/summer – whether working or playing, it did not matter. We were the “berry pickin” cousins and as we got older we loved the moniker. We enjoyed the vacations we took on “berry money” to Colorado, Maine, North Carolina and Kentucky.

T-Shirt to Beach Bag

Over the years I have accumulated a few t-shirts.  They are an easy souvenir, a great way to remember a great time.  However, over the past 20 something years I have accumulated a drawer full of shirts I never wear.  I hate the thought of parting with them. I refuse to throw them away.  I know if I gave them away they would /never/ be appreciated like I appreciate them ;).

So my interest was piqued when I saw this simple-idea on Pinterest, where by turning t shirts into shopping bags (great for the environment!).  This is not hard and it a great re-use of shirts I never wear.

I was really happy with the results and I made five bags this past weekend.  A special thanks to my mom for helping me get going (she's the crafty one in the family!)  Here are some simple instructions if you want to do the same:

Continue Reading to find step by step instructions to create your own T-Shirt to Beach Bag

Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Wordless Wednesday

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Summer Meals and Menu for Children of All Ages!

Camp Grandpa! It is July on our calendar and fireworks are getting to explode in my heart as the grands are getting ready to arrive.

Activities are on Grandpa’s plate. Their hunger for adventure, outdoors, hammering, mud and total movement are insatiable. Therefore, Grandma is getting ready to find some ‘fuels’ that are kid appropriate: lunches and dinners.

Layered Broccoli Salad

There is something so refreshing and delicious about food that is in season.  My peas are bursting off the vines, there is proliferent amounts of broccoli in gardens around the midwest and isn't bacon always in season?  I'm thinking, "Yes!"  Broccoli Salad is a must have this time of year.

Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Month - The Other Yellow Ribbon

"Sarcoma, according to the America Cancer Society estimates, will be diagnosed in 11,280 new patients in 2012 and 3,900 patients will die of this cancer."

Everyone knows what a Pink Ribbon stands for and what a great program to highlight Breast Cancer it has become! The military community loves our Yellow Support Our Troops Ribbon as well. Did you know there is another yellow ribbon? This month is another awareness month which is so much smaller but has a large impact on the lives of those it affects.

"I did it!"

This is the face of a boy who survived, thrived and cannot wait till next year's week at summer camp!

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