Summer Meals and Menu for Children of All Ages!

Camp Grandpa! It is July on our calendar and fireworks are getting to explode in my heart as the grands are getting ready to arrive.

Activities are on Grandpa’s plate. Their hunger for adventure, outdoors, hammering, mud and total movement are insatiable. Therefore, Grandma is getting ready to find some ‘fuels’ that are kid appropriate: lunches and dinners.

We have a bread lover, a meat on bone lover, a thick steak fan, and one who isn’t too certain what is the best… well ice cream is there, but not on my meal plan!

The secret plan that Grandpa and I have is to keep them so active and involved that meal time is a place for discussion, giggles, grins and gobbling. Normal table manners are not a priority at Camp Grandpa. 🙂

It is a shorter session this year as ball games, and life stepped in to carve a day or too off the set up. However organization keeps us on target. Ready, aim, fire: FUN.

Menu: Ready and available at any time is a cleaned bowl of broccoli flowerets, carrots and celery waiting for fingers to dip into Ranch dressing.

Day one: Lunch rendezvous at Burger King in Indiana to pick up Ohio bound young’uns. This is the half-way point. Folks are not really welcome during this timeframe… so we grab the kids and make a run for it!
Dinner: grilled steak and mashed potatoes with corn on the cob and string beans.
Dessert: boy made milkshakes from the blender. Available for this concoction is: vanilla ice cream, bananas, strawberries, raspberries (from our bushes), chocolate sauce and crumbled Oreos.

Popcorn and box of candy for movie time.

Day two: Breakfast: choices of cold cereal, bananas, and/or yogurt
Lunch: Chicken and macaroni salad, bread from farmer’s market, cheese, tomatoes
Snack: fruit from watermelon bowlDinner: Dogs and chips keeping it simple. (Pool party)
Dessert: milk shake blender adventure again.
Bedtime snack: cheese and crackers with grapes

Day three: breakfast Grandpas special pancakes (unbeatable!)
Snack: yogurt and fruitLunch: mini corndogs and fried rice (Kids help cook these)
Dinner: chicken drumsticks, fruit, broccoli, corn on cob (yes, we all love this!)
Snacks at White Caps Ball diamond

Day four: cinnamon swirl French toast and/or strawberries with yogurt
Snack: graham crackers with peanut butter
Lunch: bologna rolls, pickles, cheese crock pot potatoes
Dessert: picnic in park cookies

Then off to the birthday party for two of my boys! Family will be together. Awards will be presented and another year will have hit the books. Adventures of horseback riding, cement block building, sculpture painting, games of tether ball, swimming, rooting for our minor league baseball team with fireworks will become memories. Food… not important for the record books, but without it: disaster. Keep it simple, kid friendly and full of variety. Almost time to begin. We are excited!

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