Getting Organized this School Year

It's the beginning of the new school year and I could already hear myself nagging my boys to get homework done, put away their shoes, pick up your backpack off the middle of the kitchen floor so I don't trip over it again.  It's such a lovely way to spend the first hour or two after being away at school for the last six-hours.
Yes, I hate it.

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Spouse employment! Veteran employment! DoD Blogger Roundtable!

I have to admit being a bit behind. I should have written this last week but a little bit of taking on too much, my mind on personal issues, the political season and of course, writer’s block just all combined to make the blog a bit behind schedule.

Why too busy? More work than one person can do led to priorities.

Why the political season? I guess I am concerned that veteran and spouse issues might be used as a political wedge during a tough presidential campaign. Sensitive to the lead guy in the military (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) criticizing retired, separated veterans for their activist role in our democracy (See Dempsey: Political Activity Erodes Public Trust in Military).  Yet, an active duty officer, speaking from the White House, for a veteran and spouse program that is led by the First Lady? 

Then I had some other things on my mind due to some medical tests coming up (cancer never really goes away) and finally I saw some tweets that just seemed to tell the story and this was too important for our military community for me not to share it!

So let’s start with a tweet from @JoiningForces: First Lady: So far 26 states have adopted measures to help #milspouses transfer their licenses or more easily obtain new ones 

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Surviving the Storm - Hurricane Preparedness

Being prepared, it seems to be the motto of military-families worldwide.  Hurricane Season is upon us and it is time to start making plans, thinking through what we need to do to be prepared.

Some great tips from Hurricane Survivors include:
  • Make sure you have lots of bottled water on hand and fill your bathtub before the storm. Tap water easily becomes contaminated and you won't want to risk it before it's checked. Make sure you have plenty of batteries, flashlights, candles, and nonperishable food on hand. - Cathy

  • Keep those laptops and cell phones charged. If you have kids and have no power you'll want to entertain them somehow. - Sarah

  • The rain will fall and the floods rise up.  Even if you are away from a beach put furniture (especially heirlooms) up on blocks before you evacuate.  It could save you from some water damage. - Dale

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Grandma's Pot

This is my Grandma's Pot.

I like to imagine all the food she cooked in it.  Soups for her family, pasta for guests, maybe mashed potatoes for a big family gathering or just a small brisket for herself and Pop.

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A Heavy Dose of Perspective

I am working hard at the kitchen counter labeling glue sticks, crayons, markers, rulers, binders, everything but the kitchen sink.

In just a few days from now my newly titled second and fourth graders will be off to their first day of school. Our days will grow suddenly quieter. My two-year old will wonder where "EWWWIIII and IN" are. Nap time will be all about me, or at least finding the kitchen counter so the boys can come home to a study environment for homework.

Congratulations to the 2012 FINRA Military Spouse Fellows!

This is a flash news announcement!   Congratulations to 50 military spouses!

The team at MilitaryAvenue has talked frequently about military spouse employment and training opportunities, provides resources for our military community and when we see something that is helpful we are eager to share it. So here goes…

Since 2006 fellowships have awarded to 1,200 military spouses!
This is truly a success story for fifty military spouses! Yep that is five zero! All 50 have been selected to participate in the FINRA Investor Education Foundation's 2012 Military Spouse Fellowship. MilitaryAvenue interviewed the President of the Foundation, Ms Gerri Walsh in May and wrote about the Foundation’s efforts to help military families with their finances in an earlier blog, “Help for your PCS Finances!”

More about the FINRA Military Spouse Fellows...

Are You Ready for the Army Reserve? Or, Is Your Soldier Ready for the Army Reserve?

Are you a soldier’s spouse, ready for something knew, fewer deployments, going back to school or maybe your soldier sees civilian employment on the horizon? Or are you a soldier that realizes the value of service, enjoy your Army buddies, ready to go home but want to remain a part of the Army? Or maybe uncertain financial times might make a part time check appealing while you get your feet on the ground?

Major General Thurgood speaking at AMVETS convention
MilitaryAvenue had the unique opportunity to talk with someone who cares about these soldiers and their families! Army Reserve Major General Keith Thurgood is Deputy Commanding General (Support) and Chief of Staff of the Army Reserve and he had been invited to speak at AMVETS National Convention where he addressed the “Army Reserve’s support programs for veterans and service members, how to transition smoothly from Active to Reserve service, and the opportunities the Army Reserve offers for Veterans and Soldiers.” The general took time out of his busy schedule to highlight some of these issues with us.

Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Gnocchi

I have a few loves in life.  One of them is good gnocchi.  It is one of my favorite pastas and I never pass up the opportunity to try a new dish of it, usually at a restaurant.  Recently I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried successfully to make it myself.  I can't find a gnocchi that I just /love/ from a grocery store and now I no longer need to look.

You Scream, I Scream ...

I have a fun loving, head strong, wonderful two year old! As any mother may gush I think he is the best two year older this side of the Mississippi.

However, he is a screamer.

One of today's many episodes happened in the library. Of all places.

He's also had ear piercing, atom splitting, dog-hiding under the pillow scream fits at the grocery store, in the kitchen, in the front yard, at the pool, on walks, in public restrooms.  You name it, he's screamed.

“Eat. Live. Give.” Five Point Snacks is “Giving Back” to the Military Community.

Some folks just “get it”. They understand that the military community gives and sacrifices a lot to protect this country and its citizens. When you find folks like that you just want to give them a big hug or at least say thank you!

MilitaryAvenue’s Col K had a great discussion with one of those individuals yesterday! Alan Blum, is the founder of Five Point Snacks and he talked about their Airmen Popcorn, GI Crunches, Sailor Knots and other snacks and why they were giving 5 cents for each bag sold to one of our favorite military support organizations, the Bob Woodruff Foundation. He described a “sense of need for those that fight for him” as he began the adventure with Five Point Snacks more than two years ago.

Back To School Giveaway

It is almost that time of year ... when moms do the happy dance, kids find themselves anxious and excited (don't let them kid you!) and dads are wondering why the credit card bill is so high.

New backpacks, new pencils, new folders, new glue, new pencil boxes, school fees, new clothes, new shoes, new lunch boxes, sports fees... my credit card bill just hurts thinking about it all.  The list is seemingly endless.

How do you save money this time of year?

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