Grandma’s Pot

This is my Grandma’s Pot.

I like to imagine all the food she cooked in it.  Soups for her family, pasta for guests, maybe mashed potatoes for a big family gathering or just a small brisket for herself and Pop.

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My mom gave it to me a few years ago after Gram passed away and I have to admit it is my favorite pot.  (Who knew anyone could love an ‘ordinary’ pot?)  This summer alone I have made quarts of pasta sauce with tomatoes from my garden.  I have cooked salsa to last all winter long.  I have enjoyed simmering, sauteing, boiling and glazing, all the while feeling like Grandma was right there with me, if only by means of her pot and the memories I conjure up.
What about you? Do you have a family heirloom that you love to use day to day?  I am fortunate to have a few favorite dishes from my grandmas and my mom.  However, this pot isn’t something I store in the cabinet or put on a shelf not to be touched. This is something I treasure and use, and with every use am reminded of all those who love me and loved me.  Maybe someday I’ll give it to a granddaughter and she will find the joy and memories I find in the simple use of a beautifully ordinary pot.
– Leanne from
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