You Scream, I Scream …

I have a fun loving, head strong, wonderful two year old! As any mother may gush I think he is the best two year older this side of the Mississippi.

However, he is a screamer.

One of today’s many episodes happened in the library. Of all places.

He’s also had ear piercing, atom splitting, dog-hiding under the pillow scream fits at the grocery store, in the kitchen, in the front yard, at the pool, on walks, in public restrooms.  You name it, he’s screamed.

The problem, usually?  He can’t communicate.  Sometimes as a mom it makes me feel better to just know why he is screaming.  He may throw a fit because he wants ice cream and I’ve told him “No ice cream”; or if he wants to play outside but I can’t be out there with him I might say “We can’t be outside right now.”  My reasoning and logic and nay saying may not make him feel completely better but at least I think I get the reason behind the major scream fest and I feel better.

However, if we are in the library, speaking from experience, and I have NO idea why he is screaming I get frustrated with him. I can’t restate the problem, because I don’t know it. I can only ask him to be quiet. (Like that works!)  I can’t necessarily just leave because he has older brothers that love our weekly trips to the library.  I just have to sit him down in a chair.  Look at him and say “No!”  That leaves pretty much none of us happy.

Don’t we all understand that?! Aren’t there days you want to scream, kick, and just throw a toddler-sized temper tantrum at the rocks, stones and sticks the military has seemingly thrown at you? Aren’t they listening? Don’t they understand? Deployments, PCSs, long weeks in the field, long hours in the air, months at sea.  Sometimes “the powers that be” can only restate the problem and say “Sorry! That is the way it is.”  Other times they simply might not understand.  Have you tried restating the problem instead of “screaming”?

In the mean time, any advice for the mother of a screamer?

– Leanne from

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Leanne is Mom to a wonderful boy born just a couple years ago, “Welcome, Baby *L*!“.  He is the post-deployment baby for their wonderful family of six.  Who knew life wasn’t complete before *L* came along.  Now they know it is!  Leanne enjoys writing as the wife of a soldier, the daughter of an airman, the friend of many military-families and Director of Research and Development for

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