New Friends, Motherhood and Growth

We are well into the autumn schedule. Boys are at school, my toddler and I are settling into a great routine, which includes some Disney Channel, Lego-time and lots of books.  Plus lots of crock-pot time, a newly-painted bedroom and garden canning and storage for the winter months.  It has been a great fall so far!

But I’m taking on new adventures too.  This year that includes MOMSNext.  I’m a huge advocate for MOPS.  That organization turned my life around from being a lonely mom with not many friends in a new area with a toddler and baby, to an involved mom part of a group; wanted, loved, befriended, needed.  But all things must come to an end and after quite a few years with that group I was ready for something new.

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Fast forward to this autumn.  Our church started a MOMSNext chapter, a group for mothers of school-age kids.   I signed on the proverbial dotted line.  The first meeting was two weeks ago and I knew a lot of the gals that were going to be there.  I was looking forward to seeing some faces that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Friends, I walk into the room and see a sea of friends.  There are three tables of ladies.  In the middle of each table is the names of the ladies assigned to that group. Friends at Table 1, friends at Table 2.  Table 3, I didn’t recognize any of those faces.  I chit-chat my way around the room and find my name at Table 3. Yet, I didn’t even have a moment of disappointment at this table of new faces.  Instead, I find excitement in the opportunity to make new friends.  You see, all the friends that are in the room, they were strangers at one point in my life as well.

My how I’ve grown!  I’ve been stretched and molded into the person I am today.  Making new friends used to make ne a nervous wreck but yesterday, as I sat in my second meeting I laughed, cried, chatted and sipped coffee with my new friends.  Life is good! 

What has molded you?  PCSing, deployment, motherhood are all major life changers!  We aren’t the same person we were yesterday, last year, or ten-years ago.  Isn’t it amazing that even in our 20s, 30s, 40s we can still grow?  Are you fostering an environment for positive growth for yourself?  Find a group of ladies that you can thrive with, you won’t regret it!  Find a book that is uplifting and enjoy it.  Find time to spend as a family and rejoice in this thing called love.

– Leanne from

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Leanne is an Army wife, mother of four boys and child of God.  She has written about her experiences with MOPS before and would highly recommend the organization to any new mom trying to find her footing in this crazy thing called motherhood.  You can find a local Military MOPS chapter here: KocsisonTuesday, October 09, 2012Military Life:,,,

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