Popcorn, Deployed Service Members and Support

I love to hear of a company that goes out of their way to reach our military and families.

For every person who posts a photo of a military, community or personal hero to the Kernel Season’s Facebook wall throughout the month of October, the Kernel will donate one case of popcorn seasoning to the U.S. troops via a partnership with Support Our Troops.

So who is your hero?  What picture would you share with Kernel Season with a shout out of appreciation, gratitude, enduring love?  I have been searching everywhere (with no luck) of a picture of my dad (retired Air Force – yesterday), my husband (Army National Guard – today) and my step-son (ROTC Army – tomorrow) all together to share with Kernel Season.  (I know what picture I will be taking next time these three are in the same room!) These men in my life represent the values, freedoms and embodiment of what America is meant to be.

In the meant time I will find a picture to share with Kernel Season so that my husband’s peers overseas can add a little spice to their life (or at least their popcorn.)

Our Past and Future (about 10 years ago): My step-son now a
freshman in college and part of the Army ROTC program
along with my Dad a retired Airman after serving 30 years.

Thank you Dad for what you have done, and thank you Josh for what you will do!

Right now, stop what you are doing and find a photo share (keeping OPSEC and PERSEC in mind, too).  It will take a moment or two of your time and costs you nothing to send a small token of appreciation to our deployed soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coast guard. 


By the way, Kernel Season sent me two popcorn flavors to try.  Last night I had a terrible case of the munchies so I popped some popcorn in the microwave, put in about half a cap full of nacho flavor in the bag, shook it up and /wa la/ I had fresh cheese popcorn.  It really was delicious!  They have a whole bunch of flavors, from sweet to spicy to bacon-flavored. (You can find the flavors listed here.) If you want to try it for yourself be sure to checkout your local Commissary.

– Leanne from
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Leanne is an Army wife, a blogger, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a child of Christ and so much more. She writes from the heart, gets lost in the chaos and dreams of a day when life will be quieter.  But in the mean time she lives in the moment and loves it!byLeanne KocsisonTuesday, October 02, 2012

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