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When we see images of our military community we see a young, vibrant and healthy group of Americans. But realistically our vision may be wrong. The Department of Defense spends $1 Billion per year on weight management, many still smoke and health and wellness are hot topics among the defense medical community and leaders.

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Yesterday Cmdr. Denise Gechas, Director of Population Health, Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) met with the Blogger Roundtable (BRT) to discuss the launch of the Navy’s health and wellness campaign. She was in Norfolk for the launch and the roundtable asked her about the campaign and she clarified right away that there were no changes to medical services.

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The focus? To make naval community members aware of the services and tools available to help them with their own health. The commander emphasized the use of social media tools to help with health ad wellness. Jumping on to the healthy living website at http://www.nmcphc.med.navy.mil/Healthy_Living/, I saw that it is being revised but had some great resources available right now.

For example, I liked their tool box:

Health Promotion Toolbox 

January - "Healthy Weight"
February - "National Heart Health Month"
March - "National Nutrition Month"
April - "Sexual Health" 
May - "Physical Fitness" 
June - "Right Spirit"
July - "Summer Safety"
August - "Workplace Health and Safety" 
September - "Dental Health"
September - "Fruits & Vegetables" 
October - "Mental Health"
November - "Tobacco Prevention and Cessation" 
December - "Drunk and Drugged Driving Month" 

When queried about what was the biggest issue, Gechas said living a healthy lifestyle and stopping the use of tobacco products were concerns of Navy leadership. The medical campuses on naval installations are smoke free and she said that the vision of SECNAV (the Secretary of the Navy) was a tobacco free Navy after a member of the BRT asked about smoking on submarines.

The campaign is much more than just an anti smoking effort though. With awareness of the resources available and highlighted to our readers we help our military community. By the way, the online resources are useful for everyone so civilians have access as well. We all need encouragement to get exercise, eat right and avoid unhealthy choices and that is what the campaign is all about. If you would like to listen to an audio of the roundtable please go to http://www.dvidshub.net/audio/31062/bloggers-roundtable-health-and-wellness-campaign 

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Photo Credit: Lauren King, Semper Fit dietitian, speaks with Col. Dana P. Albert, from the Pentagon, about a nutrition plan during the Semper Fit Health Fair at the Barber Physical Activity Center on Sept. 20. Patrons were able to speak with providers from health and wellness personnel aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.


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